今天山東無縫鋼管廠來和大家說一下無縫鋼管的日常維護步驟。 Shandong seamless steel pipe to today and you say me the daily maintenance steps of the seamless steel tube. 1、無縫鋼管掛吊起重時不準鋼絲繩斜拽,防止鋼絲繩脫槽。 1, seamless steel pipe hanging lift heavy wire rope is not allowed oblique, prevent the wire rope groove. 2、操作中要注意安全,確保人身和設備安全。 2, pay attention to the safety in operation, to ensure personal and equipment safety. 3、經常檢查小車前后的極限開關,吊鉤上升最大限度的極限開關是否好使靈敏。 3, check the car before and after the limit switch, hook up whether the maximum limit switch that sensitive. 4、天津無縫鋼管齒輪、鏈輪、鏈、繩等潤滑點要按期加油。 4, tianjin seamless steel tube gear, sprocket, chain, rope and so on lubrication points to cheer on schedule. 5、操縱懸臂吊要與掛吊人員密切配合,聽從掛吊指揮。 5 and manipulation of the cantilever crane to closely with people hang hang, listen to hang hang command. 6、吊鉤要掛滿帶卷。 6, hang hooks to coil. 7、鋼絲繩斷股10%時應予更換。 7, should be replaced when the wire rope broken stocks 10%. 8、經常檢查吊鉤起重抱閘是否好使靈敏。 8, often check whether hook lifting the brake so that sensitive. 9、直縫鋼管吊動帶鋼卷時要輕起輕落,操作要穩、準、輕。 9, straight seam steel pipe hanging strip to light up the light volume, steady, accurate, light operation. 標簽:[db:標簽]
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