無縫鋼管按生產方法不同可分為熱軋管、冷軋管、冷拔管、擠壓管等。下面山東無縫鋼管廠為您詳細介紹一下: Seamless steel pipe according to the different production methods can be divided into hot rolling pipe, cold rolled, cold drawn tubes, extruded tube, etc.Under the shandong seamless steel pipe for you explain it in detail: 1、熱軋無縫管一般在自動軋管機組上生產。實心管坯經檢查并清除表面缺陷,截成所需長度,在管坯穿孔端端面上定心,然后送往加熱爐加熱,在穿孔機上穿孔。在穿孔同時不斷旋轉和前進,在軋輥和頂頭的作用下,管坯內部逐漸形成空腔,稱毛管。再送至自動軋管機上繼續軋制。最后經均整機均整壁厚,經定徑機定徑,達到規格要求。利用連續式軋管機組生產熱軋無縫鋼管是較先進的方法。 1, hotrolled seamless pipe in automatic rolling on production unit.Solid billet through inspection and clear the surface defects, cut into the required length, centering on the tube billet perforation end face, and then sent to a heating furnace, punched on the punch.In perforated revolve and progress at the same time, under the action of roll and head, tube billet internal cavity formed gradually, according to the capillary.Then sent to automatically continue rolling mill.Finally approved by reeling mill all the whole wall thickness, the sizing sizing machine, to meet the specification requirements.Hot rolled seamless steel tube production by continuous rolling pipe unit is a more advanced method. 2、若欲獲得尺寸更小和質量更好的無縫管,必須采用冷軋、冷拔或者兩者聯合的方法。冷軋通常在二輥式軋機上進行,鋼管在變斷面圓孔槽和不動的錐形頂頭所組成的環形孔型中軋制。冷拔通常在0.5~100T的單鏈式或雙鏈式冷拔機上進行。 2, if you would get a smaller size and better quality seamless tube, must adopt the method of cold rolling, cold drawing or both combined.Cold rolling is usually conducted on twohigh rolling mill, steel pipe in variable cross section round hole groove and motionless conical head of rolling in the annular groove.Cold drawing usually in 0.5 ~ 100 t single or double chain chain cold drawing machine. 3、擠壓法即將加熱好的管坯放在密閉的擠壓圓筒內,穿孔棒與擠壓桿一起運動,使擠壓件從較小的??字袛D出。此法可生產直徑較小的鋼管。 3, extrusion method, the heating tube billet in airtight extrusion cylinder, perforated rods and extrusion, extrusion from smaller extrusion die.This method can produce smaller diameter of steel pipe. 根據用途不同分三類供應:a、按化學成分和機械性能供應;b、按機械性能供應;c、按水壓試驗供應。按a、b類供應的鋼管,如用于承受液體壓力,也要進行水壓試驗。 Divided into three categories according to utility supply: a, according to the chemical composition and mechanical properties of supply;B, according to the mechanical properties of supply;C, according to the supply water pressure test.According to a, b supply steel pipe, such as used for liquid under pressure, also must carry on the hydraulic pressure test. 無縫鋼管用途很廣泛。一般用途的無縫管由普通碳素結構鋼、低合金結構鋼或合金結構鋼軋制,產量最多,主要用作輸送流體的管道或結構零件。 Seamless steel tube USES a wide range.Generalpurpose seamless tube by ordinary carbon structural steel and low alloy steel or alloy structural steel rolling, most production, mainly used for conveying fluid pipe or structural components. 標簽:[db:標簽]
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